Tamrotor Kompressorit Oy

Tamrotor Kompressorit Oy meets the needs of Finnish industry in all compressed air and vacuum applications.
Our clientele consists of thousands of Finnish companies.

We deliver compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps, dryers and filters to many different manufacturers all over Finland.

Our product range consists of most recognized and state of the srts products.

The key factors of our operations are professional sales, maintenance and service.

  • compressor sales
  • maintenance and service
  • service contracts
  • spare part services
  • screw compressors
  • turbo compressors
  • blowers
  • refrigeration air dryers
  • adsorption dryers
  • membrane dryers
  • compressed air receivers
  • control and sequencing systems
  • capacity, energy and dew point measurements

Tamrotor Kompressorit Oy is rated into the best Finnish AAA-classification

Contact Information;
Jussi Nurminen
Managing Director
Martinkyläntie 39
01720 Vantaa
Suomi - Finland
+358 40 588 6488